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Our Group Companies

Meena Gupta - Tailor

Meena Gupta is passionate about her tailoring skills & now makes her living out of it. She got married when she was just 14 years-old but with a supoprtive husband and to run the house for day today expenses she got the chance to start tailoring again but this time as her business. To set up her shop, Meena came up to Sahayog Micro Finance & took her first loan in a group of 40 women. Today its her 4 years of association with Sahayog & she owns 4 sewing earning a monthly income of Rs.12,000. Meena now intends to go for individual loan of Rs.1,00,000 to set up a cosmetic shop. Thanks to the loans Sahayog provided to me time & again, I am able to give my children a decent education & live a decent life. Today in our community, other women wants to be like me, it feels great, she says.
Anita Rajput - Flour Mill Owner

Anita is a mother of two children who aspires to make her children Doctor and Engineer.Due to inadequate funds she was not able to pay school fees for her daughter on a particular month and since that day she decided to run a business at our home only taking care of her family and work at one place.Anita has taken her first loan of Rs.15,000 from Sahayog in Joint Liability Group (JLG) to start her flour mill business. Sahayog is happy to be associated with such strong and determined women who make their own way.
Kavita Tomar - Owner of General Store

Kavita lives in Barkhedi ,Bhopal and is our client from a year. She owns three trucks ,two autos and a general store. She took a loan from Sahayog of Rs.15,000 in JLG to start her general store .Kavita's shop attracts a lot of customer for their daily supply.She is confident she will be able to run the shop in profit and will extend the shop to different residential areas in Bhopal.
Laxmi Bhitorey - Owner of Poultry Farm

Laxmi calls herself mother of 1000s of chicks ! For past 19 years Laxmi has been in the poultry farm business.She started her busines with 100 chicks and today she own 1000 of them. She says " Poultry farm was my dream which I am now living each day spending time and taking care of chicks to make them healthy and to sell them at a great price." Laxmi has taken indivudual loan of Rs 1,00,000 from Sahayog to expand her business.