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Sahayog provides financial services to groups of five women who meet at a fixed pre decided frequency (generally biweekly/monthly). A centre can comprises up to two groups. It is mandatory that each member of the group is a beneficiary of loan. Loans are made to individual members but the group agrees to guarantee the payments of all group members by attending the meetings (called center meeting) for repayment of pre-calculated installments in accordance with the JLG methodology. The JLG methodology works to everyone’s advantage. Through the use of the joint liability guarantee, our beneficiaries, who most often do not have any collateral, are able to access credit. The group methodology also provides built-in support for our beneficiaries, both in good times & bad. Delivering financial services through groups also brings multiple benefits to Sahayog: reduction of transaction costs, increase in outreach, and thereby an increase in income. Following diagram explains the operations flow:
Group Formation
Immediately, after the promotional meeting, the MFO engages in follow up meetings, in much smaller groups, to discuss membership and to provide more opportunities for residents to raise questions. The MFO explains the terms and conditions of Sahayog’s loan products and encourages prospective beneficiaries to take loans and use related financial services in order to improve their economic well-being.
Group Recognition Test (GRT)
Group Recognition Test is the final stage of quality control in targeting of the beneficiary. It is done to access the group understanding on Sahayog’s mission and vision its product, services, systems and procedures.

GRT can be carried out only by ABM/BM or higher position. GRT can be carried out by any other employee having specific authorization from HO. They are to be carried out at times and in places acceptable to the prospective beneficiaries as well as suitable for supervisor conducting GRT
Compulsory Group Training (CGT)
Compulsory Group training is necessary for developing group solidarity and a strict credit discipline. Strong cohesive groups with a commitment to credit discipline are the underlying reasons for the success and rapid expansion of microfinance. Sahayog believes that it is important to take the time to teach each and every group how to work well together, and to be responsible, individually, and as a group for their financial transactions.

Sahayog, revisited the entire CGT and GRT process and redesigned it to make it more participative, pictorial and comprehensive where the group understands the following very clearly through participation in a structured pictorial set up; known as "SARALYOG".
  • The necessity to have group, its true meaning and inter se responsibilities of group members
  • The applicable regulatory provisions including transparency, client protection, do’s and don’ts that the MFI and the clients are permitted
  • The characteristics and features of the specific credit products being offered
  • A very brief module on the importance of financial planning and an introduction to financial products which is intended to form the base for a future financial literacy program